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Best Of 2015...

Ozric Tentacles: Technicians Of The Sacred (Madfish)

We've made no secret of our love of the world's foremost progressive space-dub psychedelic jam rockers Ozric Tentacles, but given their prolific output sometimes it's just nice to know that they're still with us, every once in a while however they seriously nail it, oh yes.... more

Public Service Broadcasting: The Race For Space (Test Card Recordings)

Their second album and if anything Public Service Broadcasting outdid their superb debut with a goosebump inducing paean to the US/USSR tussle over real estate beyond the ozone layer, complete with heart stopping drama and heroic endeavours more

Gavin Harrison: Cheating the Polygraph (Kscope)

Who would have thought that one of our albums of the year would hark quite so far back in an effort to move forward as Porcupine Trees skin pummeler Gavin Harrison discovered his inner Duke Ellington/Henry Mancini and confused the hell out of Porcupine Tree fans the world over. more

Roots Manuva: Bleeds (Big Dada)

We're well aware of the fact that, outside of an ill-disguised love for Public Enemy, very little Rap/Hip Hop makes it into the pages of TM (probably because nobody here really knows enough about it), but you don't have to know anything to know that the latest Roots Manuva album is the absolute nuts. more

Jaga Jazzist: Starfire (Ninja Tune)

Whilst still very keen to hear whatever they release its possibly true to say that some fans of the Norwegian space-jazz octet had begun to wonder if maybe they had scaled all the heights that they were going to, then Starfire arrived and we were all propelled back up into the stratosphere . more

Not only but also...

Congo Natty: Jungle Revolution In Dub (Big Dada) more
Public Image Ltd: What The World Needs Now (PiL Official Ltd) more
Caspian: Dust & Disquiet, (Big Scary Monsters) more
Asian Dub Foundation: More Signal More Noise (ADF Comms/Believe Digital) more
Richard Thompson: Still (Proper Records) more
Grasscut: Everyone Was A Bird (Lo Recordings) more
Du Blonde: Welcome Back To Milk (Mute) more
The Unthanks: Mount The Air (Rabble Rouser) more
Sleater Kinney: No Cities To Love (Sub Pop) more
System 7/Mirror System: 'N+X' (A-Wave) more
Vessels: Dilate (Bias Records) more
Sherwood & Pinch: Late Night Endless (On-U Sound/Tectonic) more
Los Plantronics: Surfing Times (Jansen Platerproduksj) more
Hollie Cook: Twice (Mr Bongo) more
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress (Constellation) more

Think we've missed something? Horrified by our writers selection? Or are you just a bit bored and fancy sounding off? Then why not head over to twitter and let us know your top ten albums, DVD's, gigs, books or favourite shopping channel for this or any other year...

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