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Initially pointed in his direction by Steve Hillage, whose opinion we value, TotalMusic-Online has since been pestering Bluetech to send us everything he releases, and given that he’s a prolific bugger, that’s been a lot of great music plopping on the TM-O mat. He also runs several record labels (we have been particularly vocal in our support of his lovely Somnia CD packaging), and will happily nudge anyone who asks in the direction of other acts he rates, all of which makes him a top bloke in our book, and with the holiday season upon us TM-O's Andy Basire decided to get the ball rolling by asking ‘if you love electronic music what part of the world should you be holidaying in right now?’

Bluetech: “Wow, that's a hard one to answer! Electronic music is such a region specific musical form, that the answer would depend entirely on what aesthetic you are looking for. I guess for an across the board recommendation, Berlin is an obvious choice, with so much incredible art and music that it would be hard for someone NOT to find something that excited them."

Total Music: You worked with a TotalMusic-Online favourite Steve Hillage recently, how did that come about and how did it work out?

Bluetech: “I met Steve and Miquette (Giraudy) at Glade Festival in the UK and was really impressed with how down to earth and kind they were. We've had a number of back and forth projects with remixes, and collaborations, so while I was writing the Dreamtime Submersible album I felt that there was a layer missing, and asked Steve if he would be interested in working on it and he agreed. I've done a couple more remixes for them since then, and they have just remixed 'Honey in the Heart' from the new Bluetech album (The Divine Invasion).”

Total Music: Tell us more about your record labels?

Bluetech: “I've stepped back from the labels in the last year or so, except for Somnia. I’ve developed an increasing distaste for music industry politics and the Somnia label is about aesthetic and quality art always above marketing and sales numbers. If it loses money that's not my definition of success for the label. We strive to make collectors art releases, everything else is secondary. I find time to run Somnia because I'm not trying to sell thousands of copies, I'm only trying to sell 777. It doesn't feel like business, it feels like a platform to help artists present their highest output with packaging which serves the beauty of the release."

Total Music: What is the difference between an Evan Marc, an Evan Bartholomew and a Bluetech release?

Bluetech: “Evan Marc is an avenue for me to explore more traditional dance music forms a la techno or house music. Obviously that template is open to interpretation, so I try to bring my own vision to the form, but I find it interesting to work with a set of rules. Since this type of music is meant to be mixed, it must maintain some semblance of continuity with the track before it, which is strangely freeing in the composition process. Evan Bartholomew is an avenue to explore more classically inspired composition, though I use that term very broadly. I may be exploring microtones, or purely rhythmic forms, but the starting point is a recognition of the beauty of Reich, Glass, etc. so the result may not sound like 'classical' music per se, but I'm drawing off a stream of definite composerly intentions. It's an avenue to explore restraint and minimalism, I'm more concerned with compositional or harmonic structure than I am filling out a whole piece with bassline, drums, etc. like I do with the Bluetech music. Bluetech music is very much about the context in which the music is experienced, either at home, in a 'chill' room, or at a festival. There is a predisposition towards weight with solid bassline and groove structures that inspire people to move, whether with their bodies or in their minds. ”

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with BB King

Total Music: How important is the web in promoting and releasing your music?

Bluetech: "I would say that web marketing is about 80 percent or more of our focus at this point. Social networking sites, online forums, music blogs and review sites, internet radio, etc. are the major players when it comes to getting the word out about what we do so that's where we focus our energy and build relationships. I've just released a free EP on bluetechonline.com as an attempt utilize the beauties of instant distribution on the web, and it serves to promote the rest of the catalogue as well.”

The Divine Invasion is available now on Aleph Zero and you can get more info and check out some samples at the following E-Flyer, you can find more about Evan at www.bluetechonline.com and the Somnia label at www.somniasound.com

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