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Time Waits...

The Hives There’s many an artist that prompts divisive behaviour at TM-O towers but one man that ensures all is unity and accord is Tom Waits. The official line here is ‘long and illustrious career with nary a donkey in his entire recorded output’, including the most recent album Bad As Me from which the following single (with genuinely fantastic accompanying video) 'Hell Broke Luce' comes. It's at times like this we miss the Whistle Test...
Paco De Lucia

Paco De Lucia As we’re banging on about great(ly) underrated guitarists we should also point all you uninitiated guitar lovers towards another criminally overlooked genius of the six string music box the mighty Paco De Lucia. Hailing from Cadiz in Spain Lucia is considered by many to be the finest flamenco guitarist ever, yup that’s right EVER! The net is littered with cracking clips but we’ve plumped for this little beauty
Alex Harvey

SAHB It's been fifty years since he formed The Alex Harvey Soul band, forty since he was part of the pit band for the London stage production of the musical Hair, just over thirty since he parted company with (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band) the band that finally gave him his commercial breakthrough and approaching thirty since he died and still the few remaining clips of the man remain as astonishing as ever

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